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EIRE (Irlande / Ireland)

IRELAND - EIRE 1 POUND 21/04/1975 series: 14L 507504 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 64c comment: Front : Hazel, Lady Lavery (1887-1935), wife of Irish painter "Sir John Lavary" the work was done in the studio of the painter. Back : River Lee water spirit added: 74 months ago
Irlande / Eire 1 £ 10/07/1984 series: DKI 085151 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 70c comment: Front: The green one pound note had a portrait of Medb (pronounced Maeve), the legendary Queen of Connacht in Irish mythology. There is also a Pre-Christian era geometric design based on archaeological artefacts (bone slips) and the background design features an excerpt from the Táin – a book of Irish mythology that Medb. Back: A decorated excerpt from Lebor na hUidre – the oldest surviving Irish manuscript, with some red in addition to the dominant green. added: 72 months ago
IRELAND - EIRE 5 £ (Punt) 19/09/1991 series: I I G 072479 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 71e comment: Front: a portrait of Johannes Scotus Eriugena (815-877), the philosopher and theologian, of the ninth century. The letter A from the start of Psalm 17 of the Psalter of Ricemarch is used against the Book of Durrow. Back: featured an adaptation of animal and script extracts from the Book of Kells, an eighth century copy of the gospels. added: 44 months ago
IRELAND - EIRE 5 £ (Punt) 15/10/1999 series: STM 607103 grade: VF+ cat: Pick 75b comment: Front : Mother Catherine Elizabeth McAuley (29 September 1778 – 11 November 1841) was an Irish nun, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. On the background : The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (commonly known as the Mater or MMUH - Built in 1861. Back : Classroom scene - The first verse of the Irish poem "Mise Raifteri an File" by Antoine Ó Raifteiri is written on the classroom blackboard in Gaelic script; Map of Europe added: 44 months ago