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DANEMARK ( Danmark)

DANEMARK 1 KRONE (Nationalbanken i Kjøbenhavn) ND/1920 - 1921 series: 2 N 7362403 grade: VF+ cat: Pick 12e added: 61 months ago
DANEMARK 10 Kroner (Nationalbanken i Kjøbenhavn) ND/1939 series: Q 0230695 grade: aUNC cat: 31 comment: Back : God of Roman mythology - Mercury (equated with the Greek deity Hermes).. added: 31 months ago
DANEMARK 1 KRONE ND/1945 series: D grade: VF+ cat: M2 comment: Allierede Overkommando (Allied Supreme Command) - Only for use in Denmark. added: 59 months ago
DANEMARK 10 Kroner (Danmarks Nationalbank) ND/1954-1956 series: C8735C 8211522 grade: VF+ cat: 44b comment: FRONT : Hans Christian Andersen ( 2 April 1805 – 4 August 1875) was a Danish author and Stork nests. BACK : Egeskov windmill (Fyn Island) - Funen (Fyn) is Denmark's second largest island, situated between the island of Zealand and mainland Denmark (Jutland) added: 31 months ago
DANEMARK 20 Kroner (Danmarks Nationalbank) ND/1983 series: C7882B 1631857 grade: VF- cat: 49h comment: FRONT : Portrait of Pauline Tutein (by danish painter Jens Jue), Born Rath (1725-1799) , who was married to the merchant Peter Tutein. BACK : The two sparrows were reproduced from a drawing by Danmarks Nationalbank's illustrator at that time, Gunnar Andersen (1919-1981). added: 31 months ago