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BULGARIA ( България)

BULGARIA 1 Lev Srebro (Silver Issue) ND/1916 34-297072 grade: XF+ cat: Pick 14b comment: 2 digit serial # prefix added: 67 months ago
BULGARIA 5 Leva srebrni ND / 1917 Ш 358324 grade: VF+ cat: Pick 21 added: 64 months ago
BULGARIA 10 Leva Zlatini ND / 1917 П 038883 grade: XF- cat: Pick 22 added: 64 months ago
BULGARIA 1 Lev Srebro ND / 1920 17 - 033996 grade: XF+ cat: Pick 30a comment: Obverse: the coat of arms on the left, on the right: a sculpture of a sitting woman turned righ. Reverse: the old BNB’s building (1912) in Sofia (established on 25 January 1879). added: 64 months ago
BULGARIA 250 Leva ND/1929 108346 grade: VF+ cat: Pick 51a comment: Front / Boris III, Tsar of Bulgaria (30 January [O.S. 18 January] 1894 – 28 August 1943), collaborated with the Nazi regime during WWII. Back / View of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Велико Търново) "the city of the tsars" added: 67 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 1000 Leva ND/1938 E0090989 grade: VF cat: 56 comment: FRONT : King BORIS III - Arms and Watermark his son [ The prince her SIMEON II ]. BACK : Vase and cut flowers.. added: 26 months ago
BULGARIA 500 Leva ND / 1942 И 0384732 grade: XF+ cat: Pick 60 comment: Observe: Boris III, Tsar of Bulgaria (30 January [O.S. 18 January] 1894 – 28 August 1943), He distinguished himself during the Second World War by opposing attempts by Adolf Hitler to deport the Jewish population of his country. Reverse: Bulgarian woman in traditional dress. added: 64 months ago
BULGARIA 200 Leva ND / 1943 series: А А 108404 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 64 comment: Front: Tsar Siméon II ahd Coat of arms Back : Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Велико Търново) valley. added: 64 months ago
BULGARIA 500 Leva ND/1943 series: К 173801 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 66a comment: Front / Simeon Borisov Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Tsar Simeon II or Simeon II of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Симеон Борисов Сакскобургготски) born in 1937 - He succeeds his father Boris III and was forced to exile in 1946 - Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria from July 2001 until August 2005. Back / boy sheperd with flute. added: 67 months ago
BULGARIA 500 Leva ND / 1945 series: М 265230 grade: VF+ cat: 71a comment: Government "pro-communist" - Kimon Georgiev Stoyanov (Кимон Георгиев Стоянов 11 août 1882 - 28 septembre 1969) - Military and Bulgarian politician - Communist Prime Minister of September 9, 1944 to November 23 1946. Observe : Arms Reverse: "Banque Nationale de Bulgarie" writing in french. added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA (Националната банка на България) 500 Leva From 1950 to 12/05/1952 series: Б 749171 grade: A cat: 77 comment: Националната банка на България (B'lgarska Narodna Banka) / Banque Nationale de Bulgarie. Georgi Mikhailov Dimitrov (Георги Димитров) Governement. Observe: Bulgarian's communist Arms Reverse: Tobacco harvest. added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA (НАРОДНА РЕПУБЛИКА БЪЛГАРИЯ) 3 Leva ND / 1951 series: ВЛ 283298 grade: aUNC comment: Observe : Communist Arms Reverse: Star, hands holding hammer and sickle. added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA 100 Leva (лева) From 12/05/1952 to 31/03/1962 series: БВ 314378 grade: XF+ cat: 86 comment: Observe : Georgi Mikhailov Dimitrov (Георги Димитров) - (1882/1949), In Sept.1944, Dimitrov returned to Bulgaria after 22 years in exile and became leader of the Communist party there and succeeded Kimon Georgiev as Premier, while keeping his Soviet Union citizenship. Reverse : Grape harvest added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 200 Leva (двеста лева) ND / 1951 series: AA 258737 grade: aUNC cat: 87 comment: Observe: Georgi Mikhaylovich Dimitrov - bulgarian's communist arms and his date 9 / IX / 1944. Reverse: Tobacco harvest. added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA 1 Lev (лев) Nd / 1962 series: ВА 844298 grade: EF+ cat: 88a comment: Observe : Bulgarian's communist arms (9/9/1944). Reverse: Shipka Memorial ("паметник „Шипка“) - in honor of fighting for the Bulgarian independence (1877/1878). added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA 2 Leva ND / 1974 series: ГА 804028 grade: aUNC cat: 94a comment: Observe : bulgarian's communist arms. Reverse: Grappe harvest. added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 20 Leva (двадесет левa) From 01/11/1992 to 31/07/1998 series: A M 1265980 grade: aUNC cat: 100 comment: Observe: "Desislava Sevastokratoritsa Ktitoritsa" anciant bulgarian name : Grand Duchess Bulgarian and Vlach, wife of Tsar Kalojan (1170-1207). Reverse: The Boyana Church was built in three stages: in the late 10th to early 11th, the mid-13th, and the mid-19th centuries (UNESCO). added: 38 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 100 Leva (лева) 01/11/1991 series: A Б 0840571 grade: aUNC cat: 102a comment: Observe : "Self portrait" of Zahariy Hristovich Dimitrov (1810-1853), known as Zahari Zograf, is by far the most famous painter of the Bulgarian national revival. " Reverse: Fresco The wheel of life by Zachary Zograf, Preobrazhensky Monastery, Bulgaria. added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 1000 Leva series: A Б 1568327 grade: aUNC cat: 105 comment: Observe: A portrait of Vasil Levski, born Vasil Ivanov Kunchev (Васил Иванов Кунчев; 18 July 1837 – 18 February 1873), was a Bulgarian revolutionary and is a national hero of Bulgaria.on the background the lithography "Liberated Bulgaria"by Georgi Danchov. Reverse: The monument of Vasil Levski in Sofia (1895) - in at right white symbols (dagger, cross and gun) on which lent the Bulgarian revolutionaries added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 1 Lev (лев) 05/07/1999 series: AA 9343720 grade: aUNC cat: 114 comment: Front: 1789 icon depicting Saint Ivan Rilski (876 - 946) from the Uspenie Bogorodichno (Assumption of Our Lady) Church in the Pchelino Postnica (Hermitage) near the Rila Monastery. Ornamental wrought iron. Old Church Slavonic text. Back: The main Rila Monastery church set off by the cloister's open-air walkways. added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 2 Leva (ДВA ЛЕВA) 05/07/1999 series: A Б 2261034 grade: aUNC cat: 115a comment: Front: An engraving of Pagisios of Hiliandar - Paisiy Hilendarski (1722 - 1773). Zografou Monastery on Mount Athos, the Monastery Seal, and the interior of Pagisios' monastic cell. Excerpt from "Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya". Back: Facsimile of the Zografou draft of the of the "Historiae Sclavo-Bulgaricus" with a list of Bulgarian rulers, which is overprinted with impressions of Tsar Kalogiannis Ring Seal and three seals with the images of Bulgarian Sovereigns Mihail Shishman, Svetoslav Terter and Tsar Ivan Asen II. Hristofor Zhefarovich's lion rampant with the names of Bulgarian rulers from the First and Second Empires overprinted in microscopic lettering. Bulgarian Coat of Arms with three lions couchant, as published in the Gruenberg Heraldic Compendium of 1483. added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 5 Leva (ПET ЛЕВA) 05/07/1999 series: A Б 7599955 grade: aUNC cat: 116a comment: Front: Ivan Milev (1897 -1927), painter, avant-garde stage designer. An engraving of Ivan Milev, a noted Bulgarian 1920s artist. Painting "Art and the Crown of Thorns", decorative motifs from his other works, passages from his letters and a monogram from a bill advertising his first exhibition, held in Sofia in 1925. Excerpt from Ivan Milev's writing. Back: Fragments from Ivan Milev's paintings "A Woman Harvesting", "The Bulgarian Madonna", and "Wedding of the Dragon". added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 10 Leva (ДECET ЛEBA) 05/07/1999 series: AA 8182447 grade: XF+ cat: 117a comment: Front: An engraving portrait of Doctor Peter Beron (1799 - 1871) a National Revival scientist, Renaissance Man, reformer and sponsor of Bulgarian learning. His authograph signature. Stylised globe; rhinoceros; whale. Back: Sketches (astrolabe, etc.) taken from Peter Beron's treatises in astronomy, and his personal telescope.astronomical drawing. added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 20 Leva (двадесет левa) 12/11/2007 series: БВ 1567735 grade: aUNC cat: 118b comment: Front: A portrait of Stefan Stambolov (1854 - 1895) a politician and a founder of Modern Bulgaria. Cover facsimile of his anthology “Songs and Poems” issued in Bucharest in 1877, and his poem “To My Comrades”. Below appears the Seal of the Edinstvo (Unity) Committee in Tarnovo, whose co-founder Stambolov was. His authograph signature. Back: National Assembly building and fragments of Orlov Most and Lavov Most (Sofia's Eagle and Lion Bridges): public edifices linked with his period in office; and manuscript in his handwriting. added: 37 months ago
BULGARIA (България Народна банка) 50 Leva 05/07/1999 series: 3195159 grade: aUNC cat: 119a comment: Front: Pencho Petkov Slaveykov (Bulgarian: Пенчо Петков Славейков) (27 April 1866 O.S. – 10 June 1912 (O.S. 28 May 1912)) was a noted Bulgarian poet. Back :Texts from Pencho Slaveykov’s works, a bird illustration from one of his books of poetry, the figure of the poetess Mara Belcheva. added: 37 months ago