Philippe Simon's Collection

BIRMANIE / MYANMAR (မြန်မာ, /mjænˈmɑ/)

Burma 1 Rupee ND/1941-1944 series: BD grade: UNC cat: 14b comment: JIM (Japanese Invasion Money) Puppet's governement under Ba Maw 1893/1977 political leader. added: 65 months ago
Burma 10 Rupees ND/1941-1944 series: BA grade: UNC cat: Pick 16b comment: JIM Money added: 65 months ago
Burma 100 Rupees ND/141-1944 series: BA grade: UNC cat: Pick 17b comment: JIM money Ananda Temple in Pagan (front at right) added: 65 months ago
Burma 1 Rupee ND/1945 overprint: #P25 INDIA - Military administration of Burma - Legal tender in Burma only (Red ink stamp) - series: C 86 165 999 A grade: VF+ cat: Pick 25b comment: Issued just after the Japanese surrender. added: 65 months ago
Burma 1 Kyat ND/1965 grade: aUNC cat: 52 comment: Bogyoke (General) Aung San (13 February 1915 – 19 July 1947) was a Burmese revolutionary, nationalist, founder of the modern Burmese army (Tatmadaw), and considered to be the Father of modern-day Burma. added: 65 months ago
Burma 1 Kyat ND/1972 series: L J 5862883 grade: UNC cat: 56 comment: Front - Military portrait of Gal Aug San Back - Ornate wheel (Cotton's Spinner ??) added: 65 months ago
Union of Myanmar 1 Kyat ND/1990 series: O P 2233656 grade: UNC cat: 67 comment: The country name in english was changed to union of Myanmar in 1989. added: 65 months ago
Union of Myanmar 1 Kyat ND/1996 grade: VF+ cat: 69 comment: Front / The Chinthe, is a leogryph (lion-like creature). added: 65 months ago