Philippe Simon's Collection

BURMA / BIRMANIE / MYANMAR (မြန်မာ, /mjænˈmɑ/)

Burma 1 Rupee ND/1941-1944 series: BD grade: UNC cat: 14b comment: JIM (Japanese Invasion Money) Puppet's governement under Ba Maw 1893/1977 political leader. added: 69 months ago
Burma 10 Rupees ND/1941-1944 series: BA grade: UNC cat: Pick 16b comment: JIM Money added: 69 months ago
Burma 100 Rupees ND/141-1944 series: BA grade: UNC cat: Pick 17b comment: JIM money Ananda Temple in Pagan (front at right) added: 69 months ago
Burma 1 Rupee ND/1945 overprint: #P25 INDIA - Military administration of Burma - Legal tender in Burma only (Red ink stamp) - series: C 86 165 999 A grade: VF+ cat: Pick 25b comment: Issued just after the Japanese surrender. added: 69 months ago
Burma 1 Kyat 20/01/1953 4L 034093 grade: XF+ cat: 42 comment: Observe : floral arabesque in gray, dancing peacock in a circle on the right. Reverse : One large and two small boats are sailing with a mountain rang in the background. added: 6 days ago
Burma 1 K 12/02/1958 ၆ဇ၆၁၈၆၇၈ grade: XF+ cat: 46 comment: Observe : portrait of General Aung San with a peaked cap as he appeared on his visit to London in 1947. Reverse : Sailing boat added: 6 days ago
Burma 1 Kyat 30/04/1965 grade: aUNC cat: 52 comment: Bogyoke (General) Aung San (13 February 1915 – 19 July 1947) was a Burmese revolutionary, nationalist, founder of the modern Burmese army (Tatmadaw), and considered to be the Father of modern-day Burma. added: 69 months ago
Burma 1 Kyat 30/12/1972 series: L J 5862883 grade: UNC cat: 56 comment: Front - Military portrait of Gal Aug San Back - Ornate wheel (Cotton's Spinner ??) added: 69 months ago
Burma 5 Kyats 31/10/1973 G L 5891160 grade: UNC cat: 57 comment: Observe : General Aung San. Reverse : Drawing of a man climbing a toddy palm tree. added: 7 days ago
Burma 25 Kyats 30/09/1972 B O 2883864 grade: UNC cat: 59 comment: This new value note was issued on September 30, 1972 and demonetized on September 5, 1987. Observe : Portrait of General Aung San in military uniform without a hat is inside a floral wooden frame accompanied by two lions at the left Reverse : mythical winged creature depicted at center, “Pin sa Rupa” signifying parts from five different animals; the body of a horse, bird wings, a dragon’s head, the tail of a fish, and the trunk of an elephant. added: 7 days ago
Burma 100 Kyats 16/04/1976 MG 4567293 (ဍခ၁၄၅၆၇၂၉၃) grade: XF- cat: 61 comment: Demonetized on November 3, 1985. Observe : Portrait of General Aung San in traditional Burmese dress with a cloth cap. Reverse : Saung gauk (Burmese bow harp). added: 6 days ago
Burma 15 Kyats 30/09/1986 EZ 8535542 grade: aUNC cat: 62 comment: Ne Win (1910/11-2002), a superstitious Burmese dictator (from 1962 to 1988), introduced a disastrous monetary system for the local population. Observe : Gal Aung San. Reverse : "Min har" prince , one of traditional wooden puppet characters. added: 6 days ago
Burma 35 Kyats 30/09/1986 HA 2031619 grade: aUNC cat: 63 comment: Demonetized on September 5, 1987. Observe : Gal Aung San & peacock. Reverse : Nat Thar (mytical dancer) , peacock. added: 6 days ago
Burma 45 Kyats 22/09/1987 BX 7311407 grade: aUNC cat: 64 comment: An astrologer promised that the introduction of these notes would assure Ne Win would live to be 90 years old (in fact Ne Win died in 2002 at this age) Observe : Portrait of Thakin Po Hla Gyi at the head of the social movement in 1938 against British authoritarianism Reverse : Oil workers , oil field. added: 6 days ago
Union of Myanmar 1 Kyat ND/1990 series: O P 2233656 grade: UNC cat: 67 comment: The country name in english was changed to union of Myanmar in 1989. added: 69 months ago
Union of Myanmar 1 Kyat ND/1996 grade: VF+ cat: 69 comment: Front / The Chinthe, is a leogryph (lion-like creature). added: 69 months ago
Union of Myanmar 100 Kyats ND / 1996 C G 5459781 grade: aUNC cat: 74b comment: Observe : mythical animal "Chinze" Reverse : Working on traditional décorative stucco (stuc). added: 7 days ago