Philippe Simon's Collection


Azərbaycan 25 Ruble or Manat 15/03/1919 series: A Ч 1993 - CEP IV grade: VG cat: 1 comment: First Azerbaijani manat 1918-1920 Front : signatures of Nasib Bey Usubbekov, signing as Prime Minister (or Nasib Yusif oglu Yusifbeyli - 1881- 31/05/1920), and Rashid Khan Zavid oglu Gaplanov (Azerbaijani: Rəşid xan Qaplanov Zavid oğlu - 1883-1937) signing as the Minister of Finance. added: 21 months ago
Azərbaycan 50 Ruble or Manat 15/03/1919 series: А К 0260 - СЕРIЯ VI grade: VG cat: 2 added: 21 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 250 Roubles ND/1919 series: Д Ч 0447 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 6a comment: Musavat governement added: 69 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 500 Roubles ND/1920 series: Г Е 1589 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 7 added: 69 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 1 MANAT ND / 1992 series: A/1 06398477 grade: UNC cat: 11 comment: FRONT : Tower called Kissi-Koulessi or Maiden tower in Bakou - Built in the 12th century. added: 57 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 1 MANAT ND / 1993 series: A/1 16843256 grade: UNC cat: 14 comment: FRONT : Maiden Tower added: 57 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 1000 MANAT ND / 1993 series: A/1 60722420 grade: UNC cat: 20a comment: FRONT : Mammad Amin Rasulzade (born in January 31, 1884, Novxanı, near Baku— died March 6, 1955, Ankara) was an Azerbaijani statesman, scholar, public figure and the first and only president of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918–1920). His expression "Bir kərə yüksələn bayraq, bir daha enməz!" ("The flag once raised will never fall!") has become the motto of the independence movement in Azerbaijan in the 20th century. added: 57 months ago
Azerbaïdjan 1 MANAT 01/01/2006 A56383771 grade: UNC cat: 24 comment: FRONT : Azerbaijan national musical instruments : Tar, Kamancha and Daf. The background is enhanced with ancient carpet patterns of Azerbaijan. BACK : Maps representing Azerbaijan’s integration into Europe and Azerbaijan national ornaments. added: 57 months ago